We thought this was going to be done in a week.

do you enjoy pooping in weird bathroom dungeons? we did not.

when we closed on our new home in june, this was an easy target. however, we have no concept of time and also had many many other projects to do at the same time, so we are just *now* finishing this. seven months later. yikes.

What's so weird (and something I didn't realize is popular in older homes) is that these lightboxes people built. I had assumed it was fluorescent and made of drywall, but I was incorrect on both accounts. It's a massive wood beam that's impossible to get out of your ceiling, and it DOESN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING. IT HOLDS A TINY LIGHT COVER AND THEN THERE ARE TWO LIGHTBULBS SCREWED INTO THE CEILING. Some of the dumbest stuff I've ever seen.

Needless to say it took us a very long time to get it down. It took very powerful saws and lots of bad words.

this part of the house is on a slab, so we poured some self-leveling concrete and were off to the tile races! hex tile is not for the faint of heart, *especially* when all your walls are off and it's impossible to find a reference point. many, many more bad words.

Benjamin Moore Simply White (Advance Semi-Gloss)

I borrowed a paint sprayer and went to town on this board and batten. We sprayed BM Advance directly from the can and it went on beautifully. Saved me so so much time and heartache. Absolutely recommend.

Thankfully, things went quickly after this! here are some photos of the final product!

it is late and I am way too lazy to find the links, so here's what i can say:

hex tile: home depot (8")

sink/toilet: kohler memoirs collection

wallpaper: york wallcoverings (magnolia collection)

board and batten: masonite backing with 1x4 mdf upper horizontal, 1x3 battens, and 1x6 baseboard

faucet: kohler purist

mirror: everly quinn glam mirror (wayfair)

candle: that gay guy candle company

towel ring/tp holder: west elm