Madeline is TWO!

So, this is my foray into blogging - we'll see how far I get. I'm usually gung-ho about this stuff at the beginning and then I forget about it, so wish me luck as I try to figure this out! The land of blogging, SEO, and analytics doesn't come too easy quite yet, but I guess now is as good a time as any to learn.

With this post also comes a bit of DIY fun, if you're the type! I was looking for a cute, simple, girly backdrop that would look good for such an occasion, so without a plan (my baseline existence), I got in my car and jetted off to JoAnn Fabrics. A half hour and about $40 later, I came home and cut this fabric up into varying widths, knotted it around a white rope, and hung it on some hooks against a wall to soften the background of these photos. Here's what it looked like behind the scenes (I'd also like to take this time to apologize for my iphone photo!)

I'm sure you could do this a lot cheaper if you planned ahead and found some coupons, but it wasn't too bad, all things considered. There were varying neutrals in different textures, but I also added a pop of pink by buying a spool of wide ribbon and stringing it up throughout. I purchased two yards of each fabric (for height), and cut them anywhere between 5 and 8 inches wide. If you cut a small hole near the top of each ribbon you can pull it through around the rope, but cutting tails and knotting it is also an option!

See?! Easy peasy! Even better, I plan on using it in the future, especially because it would also be cute for a photo booth backdrop when the time comes :)

Now, it's time to see it in action! Since I have a few sessions to share, I figured I might as well kick off my budding blogging career with this little cutie! Maddie is TWO now, so we decided to grab some photos of the occasion. She had the cutest little outfits, is OBSESSED with boots (what girl isn't?!), and we had fun bribing her with candy and playing ring around the rosie with my furry stool and rug Take a peek, below!