Contest Winners!

At the start of this year, I was looking back on things and realizing how grateful I am. I love taking photos, I love my actual job, my husband and dog make every day life a little brighter... I've got it pretty good.

That considered, I decided I was going to run a contest. Since photo is for fun and I'm not dependent on the income, I wanted to give away the thing I'm most protective of: my spare time. There are a lot of people out there who would genuinely love and appreciate professional photos without the cash flow to spend on such a luxury, and I'm in the position where I could love and serve them with the passion and talent I've been blessed with. Win-win.

I put this out on Instagram, and the winners were Amy & Easton. She wanted a mommy and me session for the two of them, and he was SO EXCITED to get his picture taken. Amy shared that Easton was born premature and spent time in NICU, and she was unable to get many photos of the two of them because of it. In addition, aren't moms always the ones taking the photos instead of being in them?! I hear this all the time!

We scheduled this session and were blessed with the most beautiful, sunny, 50 degree day in FEBRUARY to work with! The whole thing was a blast, and now they have these memories to look back on forever!