Turning one is fun!

see? i told you!

a reason i decided to write this post is to answer a question i get asked often, which is "what do i bring if i want to do a cake smash?"

as always, i will prove my point visually!

If you notice, there are four distinct looks we were able to create in an hour photoshoot. To rotate themes throughout the shoot solves a few problems:

  • We are able to start simple! This allows for time getting some updated photos of the family on a neutral, undisturbed background.
  • We are able to work in multiple themes without the background getting too overloaded. If we would've done this shoot AND had the photos and the banner AND the different kinds balloons AND the cake AND the book... you get my point. WAY too busy.
  • Saving the cake smash & the confetti for the end allows you to avoid making a complete mess of everything!

my best advice for this is to decide on a color scheme or a theme, and go for it! get decorations of all sizes - big, medium, and small - because they all have their place! keeping a consistent color scheme will help your gallery look cohesive.

also, don't forget that simple is always an option! a cake smash or family photos on a plain white background are classic and beautiful. whatever you're drawn to, i can help you bring it to life!

If you plan on using the first part of the session to take a few family photos, you can also work in two outfits! Have one for formal photos, and another for smashing the cake. This also helps create different looks in a short amount of time!

We can shoot on a white backdrop, outside, in a studio, or even against a neutral wall in your home! whatever feels like you. now's the time to get creative and have fun!

Questions about the process or ready to book your Detroit-area session? Get in touch with the contact form and we'll get to work!