this year. am i right?

Fortunately, right about the time of the year I was feeling pretty burnt out and in major need of some joy, one of my very best friends got married. And for some wonderful reason, she allowed me to come and take photos of her special day.

This wasn't an ordinary wedding day. Like many other couples this year, 'rona ruined plans and forced people to think outside the box, Tierney & JR included. They live in New York, had planned a Michigan wedding, and had friends and family all over the country planning to attend. However, after much deliberation and with safety in mind, they postponed their Whiskey Factory wedding for next year.

Instead of also holding the ceremony next year, they planned a backyard shindig. Set in her best friend's backyard (also previously her own backyard), we had an afternoon wedding. Just a few friends came together to make decor, a bouquet, do hair, take photos; all the while dodging unpredictable weather. It was simple, small, and short.

It was one of the most magical things I've ever been a part of.

Sara officiated, I shot photos, everyone cried and smiled a lot. Sara also caught the bouquet (as the only other woman in attendance who wasn't taking photos of herself catching the bouquet). We signed marriage certificates, popped some bubbly, and jetted down to Shinola to check them into what would've been their wedding night suite.

She totally kicked everyone else's ass to catch this thing

i love shooting in detroit.

We ran outside in between sporadic rain to take a few photos in the city. Clear umbrellas helped us when we got dumped on for a few minutes, but thankfully, it ended quickly.

I could get mushy again but I won't. I'll just never forget how honored I was to do this. Congratulations, my beautiful friends.