Have you ever been to someone's house and noticed the same Ikea photo on their wall that you've seen one hundred times?

Let me be clear - I'm not knocking it at all. Been there, done it, love Ikea more than I have words for. It's still 80% of my furniture. $20 for some art? I'm all over it.

However, as we continue to renovate our new home and nearly quadrupled the available square feet to live in, I've noticed that it's going to take a lot to fill this place with character. It's going to take a lot to fill this place, period (most the rooms are empty and probably will be for quite some time). More specifically speaking, as we finish rooms, we're on the hunt for unique artwork and pieces to bring maturity to our new space.

A long time ago, I told Bryan that one day I wanted to have a gallery wall of my own travel photography. We have been so fortunate to travel to some pretty incredible places on this earth, and I have a ton of beautiful photos to show for it that have been sitting in a hard drive untouched for years. We severely lacked wall space in our tiny bungalow and it simply wasn't an option for the eight years we lived there.

Thankfully, as we finished the main guest bedroom in our new home and I ordered a large canvas of one of my favorite shots, I had this idea pop back into my head; one I've been toying with for quite some time. I don't know that there will be much interest, but in the event that you're looking for something unique and want to support a small business, I've opened a print shop!

new orleans french quarter, bicycle rack

new orleans, louisiana

vancouver, canada

eiffel tower

paris, france

sushi restaurant kyoto, japan

kyoto, japan

Travel brings us such joy and reprieve in life, and we have sorely missed that opportunity during the garbage fire that is 2020. Our plans this year were to head to the Maldives for my birthday and Germany in the fall to hit up Oktoberfest and have Bryan show me where he lived while studying abroad. I'm still sad and hopeful that we'll be able to go next year, but the way things are going, who freakin' knows.

In the meantime, this was a wonderful trip down memory lane. These photos are from Canada, the United States, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and France, with more to come once I can upload and sort through my old galleries. One of them (not for sale unless you want a photo of myself and Mr. Beaver on your wall) even placed as a finalist in a worldwide photography competition in 2019. It's something I love to do, and while they have sentimental and different meaning to Bryan and I, we hope that if you choose to get one, you'll enjoy it. And if you don't, I hope you like scrolling through some pretty landscapes :)

To access the store, click 'print shop' below!